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Fauve Hautot delighted with her role in “Meurtres en Berry”

A great first. Used to dazzling viewers with her talent in “Dancing with the stars”, Fauve Hautot inherited one of the main roles in “Meurtres en Berry”. And the dancer comes out handily.

Fauve Hautot was not completely new to comedy, since she had made a notable appearance in the series. Our dear neighbors as a pizza delivery girl, then in H24, before getting a little more substantial roles. Especially in episode 6 of season 1 ofAstrid and Raphaëlle, in which she played an eco-terrorist. The young woman will soon be in an episode of season 5 of The Art of Crime dedicated to Eugène Delacroix.

It is alongside Aurélien Wiik and David Mora (Scenes of households) that Fauve Hautot can be found in this new episode of the collection Murders at … which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

She plays Solène Durel, a country doctor who finds herself involved in the murder of an oncologist in the wood of Chanteloube, near Mers-sur-Indre, according to what is akin to a ritual of witchcraft. The dancer enjoyed the shoot in Berry, where she grew up, which she describes herself as “a cocoon of which I have fond memories”, at the site Leisure TV. The episode can be seen in replay on the France.tv site.

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