Father’s horrible move on birth of fourth daughter

For the fourth time in the neighboring country of India, a father who wanted a son has ended his own life in despair after the birth of a daughter.

According to Indian media, this incident took place last week in the village of Shettyhilli in the Kolar district of the Indian state of Karnataka, where 38-year-old Lokesh committed suicide by putting a noose around her neck after giving birth to a daughter for the fourth time. The police registered a case and investigated. has started

According to the police, Lokesh was a driver by profession and had three daughters with Suresha, a resident of Punganur in Andhra Pradesh, 8 years ago. The deceased was desperate for a son and when his wife became pregnant for the fourth time. So his hope was awakened again.

When Suresha gave birth to a daughter for the fourth time at a local hospital on November 4, Lokesh’s hopes were dashed and despair grew, after which he sent the live-in mother to his brother’s house, police said.

According to the police, Lokesh committed suicide when he was alone at home. When his mother returned home, she was shocked to see the body of her son hanging in a noose. Transferred to hospital.

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