Father’s Day: car tool kit with 158 pieces for 27 euros

The is coming Father’s day and the options on the market are practically infinite. For this reason, and faced with a difficult decision-making task, in THE MOTOR We analyze one of the most striking products of Amazon (and at a tempting price) for lovers of four wheels.

Tool kit at 26.99 euros

It does not reach 27 euros and has 158 tools. There’s a reason it has 670 ratings with almost 5 stars (4.5). Its about multipurpose kit, which has implements for almost all types of car modifications.

Available on Amazon, includes Utensils for him disassembly interior panel, instrument panel, audio control area, door panels, window trim or trim.

What does the kit include?

This Amazon kit includes a complete set of toolssuch as:

  • 11 cable clip removal tools
  • 1 3-in-1 metal fixing extractor
  • 4 precision hooks
  • 6 stereo removal tools
  • 2 U-radius removal tools
  • 1 cutting pliers, 12 cutting tools
  • 10 cable ties
  • 10 self-adhesive cable clips
  • 100 body trim clips in 6 sizes
  • 1 storage bag with handle.

Regarding its use, the brand (Unideal) points out that its products are ergonomically designed and that they are ultra-light and easy to hold. Furthermore, it claims that all the tools are molded according to the needs of car trimming in the market.

It also includes six sizes of fixing clips to fit all kinds of cars. These plastic car levers come with a portable zipper bag.

How to use them?

The 12 disassembly tools are suitable for all kinds of modifications in the car, including disassembling the interior, disassembling the dashboard or disassembling the audio control area. Also for disassembling car clip cable puller, door panels, slats, window panels, clips, fasteners and other parts.

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Each tool has a frosted surface With a moderate curve, not sharp, scratch-resistant overall finish and harmless to car paint.

customer reviews

The opinions of those who have used the car tool kit point to its virtues. “Great product quality”says one of the users. “I have been mounting stereos in vehicles for more than 10 years. How did I not buy it before?It is wonderful and essential even if you only use it once”, adds another.

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