Fatal Confrontation: Armed Attacker Crashes After Police Pursuit Following Attempted Femicide Incident

BREAKING: Man Fatal After Police Chase Following Mysterious Shooting Incident

Two Suspects Injured Following 911 Call

Two suspects, a 24-year-old couple, were involved in a shooting incident which resulted in the fatal injury and death of one of the individuals. Police arrived at the scene after an 8:00 p.m. report of an attempted femicide. Witnesses described the scene as an intense struggle between the couple which ultimately led to the use of firearms by the male suspect.

Details Of the Incident

The incident is believed to have taken place at approximately 8:00 p.m. after the complainant called 911 alerting authorities of an active shooting situation in a residence at Luis Batlle Berres y Ferreira y Artigas. The police responded quickly and reportedly arrived at the scene to find both the male and female suspects attempting to resolve their differences.

Offender’s History

Upon questioning, the female suspect mentioned that the male suspect had recently been released from prison where he had served time for armed robbery. In an attempt to protect herself, she allegedly pulled out a knife causing injuries to her hand.

Furious Chase Ends in Disastrous Accident

The female suspect stated that the male was acting strangely and began shooting inside their home, prompting her to defend herself with a knife. The male attempted to escape armed before the police arrived. This led to a high-speed car chase in the José Llupes y Calaguala area. The suspected assailant crashed into both a police car and a streetlight.

Injuries and Incidents

The 24-year-old suspect sustained serious injuries and police report that a 9mm pistol was found on his person that was previously reported stolen in 2017.

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Fatal Consequences

On Tuesday morning, doctors at the Maciel Hospital informed police of the 24-year-old patient’s deceased condition.

Investigation Ongoing

The Prosecutor’s Office has undertaken an investigation into the incident, conducting interviews and analyzing forensic evidence. Initial theories on the cause of the suspect’s death vary, with some asserting a direct link to the earlier collision, while others suggest that will wait for further evidence from security cameras.

This is an ongoing investigation as of now, and further reports will follow as more information becomes available.

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