Fast X: Why the sequel could be Hobbs & Shaw 2

/Warning, this article contains spoilers for Fast X/

Very big success of the year 2019, Hobbs and Shawspin-off on the characters of the franchise Fast and Furioushad collected nearly $760 million of global revenue. The two characters portrayed by Dwayne Johnson And Jason Statham logically should have returned in a second film which has not yet seen the light of day despite incessant teasings from The Rock. Deckard Shaw later returned to the canons of the central franchise (F9, FX) while his counterpart left the saga, well pissed off by multiple problems with Vin Diesel.

Fast X was therefore released recently and has a big surprise for fans in the post-credits scene. Dante Reyesthe villain’s son Hernan of Fast and Furious 5 is still alive. The scene reveals that a mysterious soldier has spent all his time trying to stalk reyes and that it is indeed… Luke Hobbs. Dante introduces himself by means of a phone call and images of Fast Five are shown when the villain kills his father himself. Dante then announces that he wants to hunt down and kill Hobbs until he replied ” well I’m not hard to find son of …. before crushing the phone in his hand.

For this reason, Louis Leterrier may potentially have made an interesting bridge between Fast X And Hobbs & Shaw 2. In effect, Fast 11 could move towards another villain and switch Dante against Luke Hobbs could help close the character’s arc. On the side of Deckard Shawwhen he learns what reyes did during the feature, he stuffed a ton of guns and explosives into a duffel bag and walked off screen. It seems very likely that his path will cross that of his former friend and that both will set themselves the goal of putting reyes Out of state of causing trouble.

The end of Fast X ended on a good big cliffhanger where we fear for Dom and his son during an XXL attack of reyes. The winks of Dwayne Johnson And Deckard Shaw could equally signal that the two characters are best able to rescue Dom in time, during the opening of the eleventh film. Now we just have to wait for the formalizations.

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