Faruqi’s Repercussions: Understanding the Delete of a Quota Post and Its Impact

Students to Join Anti-Quota Movement

Date: July 07, 2024

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Students in Bangladesh have announced plans to join the anti-quota movement, a campaign that has been ongoing for a few days. The movement has sparked debate and discussion, with many people offering their opinions on the issue.

Faruqi’s Opinion

In a now-deleted Facebook post, filmmaker Mustafa Saryar Faruqi expressed his solidarity with the movement, stating that "we must stop encouraging meritless state system in the name of casting quota." Faruqi also expressed his frustration with the existing quota system, stating that if he did not speak out against it, he would remain a "criminal to history" when his daughters grew up and asked about the arrangement.

History of the Quota System

In 2018, a large student movement took place in various educational institutions, including Dhaka University, demanding the reform of the quota system in government jobs. In response, the Ministry of Public Administration issued a circular canceling all types of quotas on October 4 of that year, effectively abolishing the quota system.

Recent Developments

However, in 2021, some children of freedom fighters filed a petition in the High Court challenging the part of the circular that canceled the quota of freedom fighters. After the hearing, the court declared that part of the circular illegal, upholding the quota. This led to widespread protests, with students demanding the cancellation of the quota system. After an ultimatum to the government went unanswered, the protesters began a strong agitation on July 1.

Students Unhappy

The students are unhappy with the recent developments and have continued to protest, demanding the cancellation of the quota system. The government has yet to respond to their demands, and the situation remains tense.

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