Farrés launches a notice: “We are alive”

In the T4 category, it is no longer worth saving, because if you leave something hidden, you end up exposed to pay too high a price if the objective is to end up taking the victory. That’s how he explained it to AS during the rest day a Gerard Farres that after a somewhat more conservative week, but clean at the same time, he went on the attack in a final stretch where he had to find the balance between being the fastest and making fewer mistakes. The Catalan nailed it on the 10th day, during a day that went completely into the desert and had the dunes as protagonists. A demanding and treacherous route where the Can-Am rider took risks and the move went well: “I am happy to get this victory with Diego, it means a lot to us because we had already been fighting for stages and we still needed to win a stage”.

This victory gives Farreti “confidence for what is to come”, facing a day that he faces with a 6:47 disadvantage “which could be a lot or it could be a little”. It depends on how a situation is managed during a marathon “where if you break something you lose everything”, but they will continue to attack after a victory that “says ‘Diego and Farreti are here’. The victory of the tenth stage “is a warning for them , to play with psychology and to say that we are alive”, the Catalan continued commenting, after starting a game in which he fulfilled his mission. He started leading at the first checkpoint and saw the finish holding his position until the last moment. He did not give up the lead at any time although each control point further adjusted for differences and finished with a victory by 55 seconds against Marek Goczal.

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The difference with the Pole was not too great, but he did recover some time with the main rival in the category at this time. Baciuska did not go beyond fourth position and Farrés was able to beat him in his fight against the clock with 2:30 minutes in some dunes that will be the keynote of the next two stages. And they will be decisive. What will happen from now? The Catalan will continue to discover the terrain day by day and he is very clear that absolutely nothing will be saved in a category, where the sixth is already almost two hours away. And Gerard’s objective, as he demonstrated with his first victory of the edition, is not to fall into that gap that for the moment he more than bridges.

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