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Farming: Digital farming is bringing revolution, how do you do digital farming?

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Digital Farming


  • This farming is very expensive
  • expensive only for once
  • There are benefits to be seen in farming

Digital Farming: Since the introduction of the policy of reform and opening up in China, China’s agricultural industry has made great progress. Grain production has remained stagnant for many years at over 6 trillion 50 billion kilograms. The production of important agricultural products such as meat, eggs, fish, fruits and vegetables ranks first in the world. Comprehensive agricultural production efficiency has been continuously improved. The contribution rate of agricultural scientific and technological progress has reached 61 per cent.

Modern agriculture has achieved remarkable results, there have been many major changes in agriculture in China. As the scale of cultivation was changed. The level of mechanization, digitisation, greening and sharing has improved significantly. Chinese people use their own supplies to solve their own needs and their own resources to deal with their food problems. These remarkable achievements have attracted the attention of the world.

digital revolution in agriculture

Chiyo Yunlong, chairman of the Department of Science and Technology Education of the Chinese Department of Science and Technology, said that China’s agricultural scientific and technological innovation achievements in recent years have made steady progress, which has helped to ensure national food security and increase farmers’ income. has played an important role. Digital technology and intelligent technology is replacing traditional agriculture at a faster rate than people imagined. Digital agriculture is an advanced stage of agricultural modernization, and it is the only way for China to move from a large agricultural country to a powerful agricultural country. China’s digital agriculture development has achieved remarkable results in recent years.

Happy moments for rural population

The Internet of Things technology has been widely used in the field of modern agricultural production facilities and equipment, which has greatly improved the level of digitalization of modern agricultural production facilities and equipment. Today digital agriculture has become the main theme of modern agricultural development, thereby promoting the implementation of rural revival strategies. This is conducive to increasing the income of the rural population and enhancing the sense of well being and security.

What is Digital Farming?

Digital farming is a revolution. In this, farming is done with the help of technologies like machines, GPS and artificial intelligence. Digital farming has revolutionized in countries like Europe, America, Latin America. The farmers here are doing farming very easily with its help. Although this cultivation is very expensive but it is expensive only for one time. When you buy all the equipment, then you get to see the profit in farming.

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