Farhan Akhtar breaks his silence on replacing Shah Rukh Khan with Ranveer Singh

Farhan Akhtar’s Don 3 is in the headlines these days. The fans of this film waited longingly for years. Recently, Farhan announced Don 3 by sharing a post on social media. After that, the news came that Ranveer Singh would be in Don 3 and not Shah Rukh Khan, and that’s what happened. When Farhan announced that he would join Ranveer Singh in Don 3, he received a lot of criticism. Besides Farhan, Ranveer also had to listen a lot to replace Shah Rukh Khan. Farhan Akhtar has now broken his silence on this criticism.

Farhan had previously said that it was Shah Rukh Khan’s own decision to exit the Don franchise as he wanted to make way for other actors. Furthermore, Shahrukh himself had suggested the name Ranveer Singh for the new Don.

In an interview with the BBC Asian Network, Farhan has responded to the trolling about Ranveer Singh for Don 3. Farhan said that when Shah Rukh Khan’s name for Don after Amitabh Bachchan was announced, there was a similar reaction even then. Everyone said how do you replace such a Mr. Bachchan? All of these things happened.

Farhan went on to say, “I’m thinking about moving it forward.” Means Ranveer is fantastic. He’s great for this role. You are as you can imagine. Excited and nervous as you are before doing a big job.

When Farhan was asked what qualities a good Don needs, Farhan replied, “Confidence and the courage to do the things that come to mind.”

We tell you that Don 3, directed by Farhan Akhtar, will hit theaters in 2025.

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