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Farah Khan on Nepotism and Trolls, Arbaaz Khan, Pinch Season 2 | Farah Khan got mad at the trolls, he said

The last six episodes of Pinch made headlines for some candid revelations and confessions. However, the next episode of the show will be more witty and heartfelt, as choreographer and director Farah Khan has joined the crowd of guests.

In the promotion, Farah confessed that she blocks users who cheat on her by her director Tees Maar Khan, saying: “Bhai ab 10 saal ho ho, ab tu agadh karh hai.” Farah expressed her anger at the trollers saying, “Jis, who has the phone, is the critic and we know all about the movies.”

Farah also revealed that even if she wrote “Hello” on Twitter, trollers would say, “Namaste nahi bol nahi, salaam nahi bol nahi.” When a user tried to make fun of their children for being thin, the director said: ‘You take care of your children, I will take care of my children. Khan called trollers hypocrites and doesn’t take them seriously.

Farah also addressed the hot topic of nepotism saying, “Even if you talk about nepotism, you like to see pictures of Shahrukh’s daughter or Kareena’s son.

Apart from this, Farah also shared a funny anecdote in which he compared the songs of the singer Ed Sheeran with those of Mayotte. If the promo is that much fun, imagine how much fun the whole episode will be.

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