Fantastic Four: Joseph Quinn finally talks about being cast as Johnny Storm

Joseph Quinn has finally lifted the veil on his long-awaited integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and confirmed his role as the Human Torch in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Fantastic Four. Revealed during Facts Comic-Con in Belgium, Quinnbest known for his role in Stranger Thingsexpressed his excitement and disbelief at the opportunity to play Johnny Storm.

“I’m very excited!” I still can’t believe it, it’s crazy. We are a great group and after conversations Matt Shakman“The director, who shared his brilliant vision for the film with me, knew that I wanted to be a part of it,” he shared Quinn during a panel discussion.

This announcement initially surprised fans, with some skeptical as to whether it was possible Quinn embody Johnny Storm. But with an outstanding cast and a clear direction, Quinn is confident in the film’s ability to captivate audiences.

In addition to discussing his role Quinn also spoke about the preparation process for the film, joking that he would “set himself on fire every day” to prepare for his role. While this is obviously an exaggeration, it does highlight the intensity of preparation required to play a character as iconic as the Human Torch, a role that undoubtedly requires extensive use of special effects and stunt techniques.

THE Fantastic Four are set to release on July 25, 2025 and promise to renew the legacy of this first Marvel family with a new vision and refreshing dynamic.

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