Fantastic Four: Casting has finally been announced

Marvel Studios caused a real shockwave in the world of superhero fans when it officially revealed the cast of its highly anticipated film. Fantastic Four” , provided for 2025. This highly anticipated announcement follows a long period of speculation and anticipation since the film’s development was confirmed in December 2020. The direct involvement of Kevin Figthe president of Marvel Studiosin the casting process testifies to the crucial importance of this project and marks the transition of the franchise under the auspices of Marvel Studios after acquiring the 20th Century Fox.

THE February 14, 2024day of Valentine’s Day, Marvel Studios has decided to share a conceptual poster that not only announces the arrival of Fantastic Four in the MCU but also confirms the actors who will play the famous heroes. Pedro Pascal and Vanessa Kirby were chosen to play the iconic couple Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) and Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman)They brought these roles a notoriety that they had earned thanks to their remarkable performances in “”. The Mandalorian ” And ” Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning” , respectively.

Joseph Quinnfamous for his memorable role asEddie Munson In ” Stranger Things“, will lend his features Johnny Storm (the human torch), which gives the quartet a touch of passion. As for Ebon Moss-Bachrachknown to fans of the universe Wonder For his role as Microchip in “The Punisher” he playfully completes the team Ben Grimm (the thing), promises a powerful interpretation of the character beloved for his strength and loyalty.

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Although this announcement wasn’t a complete surprise to some as it was expected by Insider Mytimetoshinhello The end of 2023 remains a crucial moment for the MCU. With the film set to hit theaters in July 2025, fans can now begin the countdown to the unveiling of one of the most iconic superhero teams on the big screen, promising to bring a new dimension to the expanded universe of Wonder.

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