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Fantastic Four: Adam Driver would be out, a new chance for John Krasinski?

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Long tip to take on the role of Reed Richards in the next movie Fantastic Four Of Matt Shackmann In 2025, Adam Driver is finally out of the project – its presence is only due to intense speculation. Nobody knows, therefore, whether the rest of the ” launch ” push forward (Paul Mescal, Margot Robbie, David Deegs) is also just an insider fad. Result, if the Kylo Ren From lucasfilm he will not be the star face of the team wonder to lend his appearance to the scientist, many different names remain insistent such as those of Penn Bagdley, Dev Patel or even John Krasinski.

The latter has already played a variant of Earth-616 of the character, brutally executed by Wanda Maximoff but can return largely like that of the world of mcu thanks to the explanation of the multiverse. However, if many saw her casting as a harbinger of her longer coming wonder, Sam Raimi had destroyed all hope by claiming the presence of the director of the franchise Without A Sound it was just a gift » ephemeral for fans of wonder. However, the unofficialization ofAdam Driver it feels like a new chance for the comedian to be cast – especially since he seems to have more experience to claim the position as he’s played the elastic superhero before.

John Krasinsky it also retains a strong fan base on networks that seem to want to push harder Reed Krasinsky on the screen. Perhaps the upper echelons of mcu have a surprise in store for us on this issue on the occasion of Deadpool 3 since the film should give us news of the Enlighten yourself From Multiverse of madness. For Adam Driveris the Insider Jeff Sneider to the microphone of the podcast The hot mic who strongly denied his arrival:

“Adam Driver was never really into that. They sent the script to Adam Driver a while back and he said he couldn’t “connect” with the character in the script.

To discover the film, see you on April 30, 2025.

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