“Fantasia”, the new single by Pierre Parle

“Fantasia” is the new single by urban performer Shawn Pierre Casadiego, known in the art world as Pierre Parle.

The song of his authorship alludes to those reunions with loved ones, who left this dimension and who for some reason still haunt the paths of the earth offering blessings and protection through dreams or paranormal visions.

The New York interpreter with Colombian roots, Pierre Parle, expresses that the subject can be significant for many people, with some indications that for many can fall into truth or falsehood, depending on the contextual situations of the subject, devoted to superstitions.

“Fantasia” is an x-ray of beliefs, and faith, also leads to persistence in terms of fighting, day by day, for dreams, often unattainable. The song has very good arrangements by the producer and artist Alcover.

The theme puts generalities of realities in marginal neighborhoods before it, but it also welcomes the singularity of the subject at its most neuralgic point of helplessness and restlessness, opposing the will against bad omens.

Pierre relies on the special collaboration of reggaeton singer Daddy Monkey, who undoubtedly leaves his mark with his creative style when expressing himself.

Daddy Monkey concluded 2021 with the presentation of his song “Dulce Momento” and is currently preparing for the release of his new single: “Malas experiences”, produced by the Universal Music giant Saybor (Bonita Remix).

In the same field, Pierre Parle recently collaborated on the theme: “Cha Cha” remix, by Daddy Monkey, whose formal presentation is scheduled for February 2022. It is predicted that the collaboration between these two artists will become the ascending scale of the movement urban.

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The theme sounds and sounds on all digital platforms.

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