“Fan asked how many times Jawan can watch…” Shah Rukh said – mind, body, fun and one watch for me

During the Ask SRK session, fans ask Shah Rukh Khan more than one question. In such a situation, King Khan also gives funny answers to every single question from his fans. Which are also going pretty viral on social media. Fans are waiting for this King Khan session. In it he asks his favorite star various questions.

In this session, one question caught everyone’s attention. A fan asked Shah Rukh Khan, the actor of the film Jawan, how often Sir Hum Jawan can see Minimum. To this question, King Khan responded in a special way: One for the spirit… one for the body… one for the fun… and if it’s fun then watch it for me too… Means watching the Movie Javan four times. Fans are very fond of this answer from Shahrukh Khan.

The actor is making headlines these days with his highly anticipated film Jawan. To mark the occasion, King Khan used the hashtag “Ask SRK session” on Twitter. The actor answers all fans’ questions in the hashtag Ask SRK session on Twitter. Fans are eagerly awaiting the movie Jawan. Recently, the creators of Jawan released the Zinda Banda song of the film, which people like very much.

During the #AskSRK session, Twitter users ask King Khan a lot of questions. In which Shah Rukh Khan also gives his fans funny answers to these questions. Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan is one of the biggest films of 2023. The film has started pre-sales overseas and is getting a tremendous response. This film will be released next month.

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