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Famous people who visited random places in CDMX

There are times when the stars fall from the sky… and visit CDMX. We say this because it has become a habit that every time a famous person gives a concert in Mexico City or sets up a project here, this happens. a roll through streets and squares Chilangolandia we would never have imagined that.

Famous people found in random locations in CDMX

Out of Dua Lipa meets the beautiful UNAM, until Damon Albarn buys food runs. Here we will remember Sometimes certain famous people visited us and were found in places we never imagined.That’s why they became very random situations and incredible anecdotes.

Dua Lipa in Naucalpan and at UNAM

It is noted that Dua Lipa He loves to go for walks and get to know our country when he has to hike here. Whenever they find it in cool but unexpected places, it becomes a trend. She has already walked through Quetzalcóatl’s nest in Naucalpan, found a friend on a pole in the Roma district, visited UNAM and the Luis Barragán House. Sister, you are already Mexican!

Dua Lipa in CDMX
Photo: @dualipa

Damon Albarn buys food, cums

Can you imagine going out at night to buy food and randomly meeting someone? Damon Albarn with your own bag? Like that or more by chance?

Lenny Kravitz at a burger stand

Another famous person who already has to pay property taxes in CDMX is Lenny Kravitz. We saw him in Mixcoac, like any other mortal in the middle of a Paul McCartney concert and even eating a few hamburgers.

Plays the role in Mixcoac / Photo: Lenny Kravitz (Twitter)

Dev Patel in an Oxxo?

Without a doubt, the most random things on the list include: Dev Patel taking photos with fans who met him at an Oxxo; Of course from the Roma district, but in the end he plays the role very casually (hahahaha, cool).

Madonna in the Reforma 222 cinema

There’s nothing better than going to the cinema before a concert series in CDMX, right? Madonna He knows how to have a great time in the capital by playing the role of Reforma 222.

Björk in Polanco and Roma

It’s already a few years old, but how can you forget it when? Bjork She went to a well-known cafeteria in Rome and shopped in Polanco with her bags.

Jarvis Cocker on the CDMX Metro

The least recent memory, but undoubtedly the most random. Go to Metro Auditorium and meet Jarvis Cocker It has to be one of the most incredible anecdotes of any CDMX fan. Not true?

Owen Wilson in basketball shoes

Many called it a result of gentrification, but it was certainly a surprise to meet the famous actor at a basket taquito stand.

Interpol and its legendary photo in a studio in Juárez

And as for their concert at the Zócalo, we remember the photo they once took in Juárez with the owner of a photography studio. Different level.

Travis Barker and his love for CDMX

We end with some of the artists who took the most photos in various locations in the capital. “I could move to Mexico,” he said when he was here. Without a doubt, the Blink-182 member loves CDMX and CDMX loves him (even despite the cancellation of his concerts).

Photo: @travisbarker
Photo: @travisbarker
Photo: @travisbarker

What other memory as random as this comes to mind after this list?

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