Famous museum in Paris is going to exhibit CryptoPunk NFT

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) were one of the assets that attracted the most attention in the previous bull market. Interest has now fallen considerably, but that does not mean that the largest NFT projects have no future. One of Europe’s leading art museums sees profit in the assets – erm, works of art.

Center Pompidou gets into the NFTs

The Center Pompidou, the world-famous Parisian modern art museum, has announced plans for an exhibition of NFTs. Among other things, a CryptoPunk and an Autoglyph are part of the plan. These are two Larva Labs projects. The CryptoPunks were the very first successful NFT project, and of course they were wildly popular in the recent bull market. At the beginning of last year, the most expensive NFT to date was sold for a whopping $ 21 million.

The French museum still wants to exhibit them despite the fact that they have fallen in value considerably. In fact, CryptoPunk number 110 and Autoglyph 25 have been donated to the museum. In total, the collection will house eighteen different NFTs by thirteen artists.

In the meantime Yuga Labs has bought the intellectual property of the CryptoPunks together with that of the Meebits collection from Larva Labs. We also know Yuga Labs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

Being able to witness CryptoPunk #110 at the Center Pompidou, arguably the world’s most prestigious museum of contemporary art, is a great opportunity for Web 3.0 and the NFT ecosystem. We are honored to help continue this cultural trend,” Yuga Labs co-founder Greg Solano said in a statement.

NFT market has shrunk sharply

The NFT market has collapsed quite a bit in the bear market. Daily trading volume on the well-known NFT platform OpenSea fell to just $8.4 million in October. In January of 2022, the platform still reached a daily volume of $250 million, according to data from Dune.

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In addition to these NFTs, the iconic French museum has masterpieces by Vassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian and Salvador Dalí.

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