Famous floating restaurant in Hong Kong capsizes at sea

After spending 50 years in its home port of Hong Kong, the Jumbo Floating Restaurant has set sail for a less expensive venue. But less than a week after setting sail, this famous floating restaurant capsized off the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, reports BFM TV.

The ship’s owning company, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises, broke the news. The boat would have capsized due to “unfavorable weather”. “The depth of the water at the scene is greater than 1,000 meters, [cela rend] extremely difficult to carry out salvage work,” the company said. All crew members were rescued and are all safe.

Nearly $13 million in debt

This place was one of the emblems of Hong Kong, many personalities came to eat there such as Queen Elizabeth II or Tom Cruise.

But the political crisis in Hong Kong and the global pandemic have plunged the establishment into a deep financial crisis with nearly 13 million dollars (12 million euros) in debt. Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises had then taken the decision to move this restaurant by setting sail, after having inspected the ship to be sure that it was in seaworthy condition.

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