Famous calligraphers of Saudi Arabia passed away

The famous calligrapher Salih Al-Mansuf, who designed the flag of Saudi Arabia, passed away.

According to Arab media, Saudi calligrapher Saleh Al-Mansuf, who updated the design of the Kalima Tayyaba and the sword from the white color of the Saudi Arabian flag, died at the age of 86, just before the Kingdom’s Flag Day.

According to reports, Al-Mansuf was the first Saudi calligrapher who achieved the honor of hand-writing the sword and word on the flag of Saudi Arabia in white ink in the early 1960s despite the lack of technology and printing equipment.

In addition, he was one of the first calligraphers whose handwriting was emblazoned on the certificates of several graduating students of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University.

It should be noted that this month, King Salman of Saudi Arabia issued a decree to celebrate Flag Day on March 11 every year.

In the royal decree, King Salman said that on 24 Dhul Hijjah 1355 Hijri corresponding to 11 March 1937, King Abdulaziz ratified the national flag which is in front of all of us today.

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