Families give genetic samples to search for the disappeared in northern Mexico

Relatives of victims of disappearance, in northern Mexico, went this Friday to the Reference Sampling Brigade to obtain genetic profiles that allow them to intensify the search for their loved ones through DNA matches.

The results of profiles were also delivered to the people who attended the first delivery of samples last February.

Personnel from the State Human Rights Commission of Nuevo León (CEDHNL), the Regional Center for Human Identification of Coahuila (CRIH) and the State Human Rights Commission of Coahuila (CEDHC) participated in the Brigade, as well as the Attorney General’s Office of Justice of Nuevo León (FGJNL).

“In February we did a sample collection, where, in total, 141 people attended and DNA samples were taken from 122 people. Today the idea was to publicize the results of these reference shots and deliver the genetic profiles, ”she indicated in an interview with EFE Olga Susana Méndez Arellano, president of the CEDHNL.

This Friday, in person, 69 results were delivered and authorization is pending from the corresponding authorities so that 29 more can be sent to people who did not come to collect them.

“People also came to take new DNA references, which, in total, were 15,” explained Méndez Arellano.

He added that this program will be maintained permanently with the Regional Center for Human Identification of Coahuila so that coincidences can be searched in the neighboring state with bodies that they have in this regional center.

Regarding the people who have already been given the results, he established that there were some coincidences.

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“Since it is sensitive information, I cannot give the exact data; However, I can say that with the sole registration, with the sole identification of the profiles, this will allow the relatives, first, to have them in the registry of the Regional Center for Human Identification of Coahuila and that they can subsequently search for matches already be in other places. Right now, work is being done to make a collaboration by regions, ”explained the president of the CEDHNL.

He mentioned that it is important that families have this delivery of profiles so that at the time it is easier for them to identify with a body.

The day that was held today is planned to be replicated by the beginning of 2023.

The task that is being carried out, said Méndez Arellano, makes it possible to contribute to the search for the location and recovery of bodies or to identify possible genetic coincidences.

“Right now we have approximately 98 results, of those 122 that were carried out in February, of those there are already 98 results with profiles, there are some coincidences, they are few, but there are to be able to give these families peace of mind,” he said.

In Nuevo León there are more than 5,000 missing persons and some 2,000 unidentified bodies, according to figures from civilian search organizations such as the United Forces for Our Disappeared of Nuevo León (Fundenl).

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