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Famed feminist sociologist Pauline Bart passes away

Fallece afamada socióloga feminista Pauline Bart

The American sociologist Pauline Bart, 91, died years after years of battling against Alzheimer’s Syndrome, according to reports in the American newspaper Washington Post.

Bart, who described himself as a “radical” feminist, was a pillar for the so-called second wave of this social movement, he sought through his multiple studies to “demystify the world for women.”

She also began her academic career at a time when women were marginalized by their male colleagues in the workplace, she was one of the pioneers in the field of gender studies research.

One of the characteristic aspects of Pauline’s work was the link that linked her career with her daily life, as she expressed it in one of her essays:

"My personal and sociological life are linked, heart and head, like Siamese twins. They cannot be separated. I turn my personal life into sociology and use sociological analysis to deal with my personal life", wrote.

She was for many years a teacher at the University of Illinois in Chicago, where she taught various subjects, where she addressed various topics considered uncomfortable to deal with in that decade, such as rape and violence against women.

“What I study, violence against women, is something that people, including women, don’t like to talk about. It is about the harm that men do to women, and it is not symmetrical: there are not as many rapists as there are male rapists, ”she said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune newspaper.

The first

Bart was highly esteemed among her contemporaries and students, being remembered in good light by those quoted by the Washington Post.

"As acutely resourceful as she is formidable, intensely empathetic and caring, outspoken and tenacious, Pauline Bart was probably the first sociologist to apply and investigate the ideas and questions of the women’s liberation movement in formal scholarship.", said legal expert Catharine A. MacKinnon to the aforementioned media.


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