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False health pass: one year suspended for a former director of Ehpad

The verdict was handed down on Monday, May 23. The 49-year-old defendant, dismissed by her employer following the revelation of the case, and her husband, who provided her with the false vaccination certificate via a network, were found guilty of forgery, use of forgery and fraud. The 52-year-old was given a six-month suspended sentence. However, they were acquitted on the count of endangering the lives of others. The former director is also prohibited from carrying out any activity in the field of health for two years. The prosecutor of Fontainebleau, Arnaud Faugère, had requested against them respectively eighteen and nine months of suspended prison sentence.

The charges against the couple related to the period from September to December 2021, when the health pass had been made compulsory by the authorities for carers and employees of nursing homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Director of a nursing home in La Chapelle-la-Reine, the defendant had worked for 18 years in this small structure managed by a non-profit association and which welcomes a few dozen seniors. When the Regional Health Agency (ARS) had mandated the nurse of the retirement home to check the health passes of the employees, the director had been the only one not to comply with the measure and had rebuffed the employee.

“Panic fear of the vaccine”

Dismissed some time later, the nurse had carried out her investigation and discovered that the director was registered with a false health pass. She then reported it to Social Security. If the defendant recognizes today “a stupidity”, her defense highlighted her “panic fear of the vaccine” in a context of professional overwork and “anxiogenic environment”. With the Covid, “she put in place draconian measures, she had no contact with the residents. She remained cloistered in her office, in her annex”, argued with AFP her lawyer Clélie de Lesquen-Jonas . The Ehpad, the ARS and the Primary Health Insurance Fund had brought civil action in this case.


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