Fall of the Five Lions: Irresponsible Movement of Indian Channels

Following the recent situation in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s takeover of Panjshir, the Indian media showed such recklessness by broadcasting false videos and reports.

The Indian media was so emotional in its vile propaganda against Pakistan that one of them called the video game scenes a video of the attack on Panjshir while the other channel turned the plane that crashed in the US three years ago into a Pakistani plane. This made the Indian media a joke all over the world. Republic TV shared a video and accused Pakistan of calling it an aerial bombardment on Panj Sher, even though the scenes of the bombing were from a video game whose video has been on YouTube for months. Another Indian The channel broke the news of a picture of a downed plane and quoted the resistance army as claiming that it was a Pakistani jet. The American F-16 is 3 years old.


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