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Fall for the 10-second Y-Brush toothbrush for less than €80

Y-Brush, so that your teeth finally benefit from a good brushing

Electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes. However, they do not detract from the imperative of 2 minutes. Indeed, to be fully effective, dentists recommend that brushing lasts at least 2 minutes. Today the french startup Y-Brush, offers you to save time every day. Thanks to its new kind of brush, you will only need 5 seconds on each arch, or 10 seconds for a complete cleaning of your teeth. A small revolution, the average time spent on each brushing by the French being only 43 seconds. With the Y-Brush, you can finally give your teeth the care they deserve.

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A concentrate of technology for your teeth

The Y-Brush uses a NylonMed v2 system. As its name suggests, it includes no less than 35,000 nylon filaments arranged to reach every corner of each tooth (there are also models suitable for children’s teeth). These filaments have been arranged in a Y, thus giving its name to this unique toothbrush. Thanks to them, an entire row can be cleaned in one go, considerably simplifying your brushing.

If 10 seconds are enough to completely brush your teeth, the brushing produced remains of remarkable quality. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by an independent clinical study. The Y-Brush is also the result of 4 years of development carried out by the startup in partnership with dentists.

The success of this unique brush can also be seen in the numbers. With a return rate of less than 3%, Y-Brush satisfies almost all of its users. However, it has already been adopted by more than 60,000 people concerned about the good health of their teeth. A figure which also proves the versatility of the brush: well chosen, it can indeed adapt to all profiles.

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Made in France with Y-Brush

This toothbrush is now marketed in 50 countries. Its notoriety is such that Y-Brush is regularly copied, but make no mistake. Where our brush uses Nylon, the copies use a silicone that is too soft to effectively remove plaque.

The only, real Y-Brush is the one produced in the Lyon region. In addition to revolutionizing brushing, the brand gives you the opportunity to prefer made in France. This electric toothbrush is even the only one on the market to be entirely manufactured on national territory.

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Saving time on a daily basis, really effective brushing, production made in France… Who says better? In addition, on the occasion of the French Days, the brand is currently offering its brush at reduced prices. The NylonMed v2 is thus at 79 € instead of 132.98 € on the site. Now is the time to change your habits.


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