“Fake Sheikh” of Abu Dhabi escapes after stealing millions from an Indian hotel


Abu Dhabi’s “fake sheikh” escaped after stealing millions of rupees from a five-star hotel in India.

According to Indian media, a man pretended to be a member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi stayed in a luxury hotel in Delhi for four months and ran away without paying a bill of 23 lakh rupees.

The hotel management came to the words of the veteran and provided him with VVIP protocol for four months and special care was taken for his favorite food and comfort.

A person named Muhammad Sharif stayed in room number 427 of Leela Palace on August 1, 2022, from where he left quietly on November 20.

The hotel management has claimed that Navsarbaz also stole several items from the room including silverware and a tray of pearls while leaving.

On his arrival at the hotel in August, Mohammad Sharif had told the staff that he was a resident of the United Arab Emirates and belonged to the royal family of Abu Dhabi and had come to India on official business.

He also showed a business card, UAE residence card and other documents to prove his story.

The alleged neosarbaz stayed in the hotel for four months with a bill of 35 lakh Indian rupees, but he left the hotel without paying the bill.

On the complaint of Leela Palace hotel management, Delhi Police is using CCTV cameras to search for Mohammad Sharif, who has been accused of cheating and theft.

The police are also examining the documents that he submitted at the hotel and it is likely that they are all fake.


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