Facundo Campazzo stays in Denver

The deadline for exchanging players in the NBA has expired and Facundo Campazzo was not included in any negotiation, so his immediate future will continue to be linked to the Denver Nuggets, although his coach, Michael Malone, hardly takes him into consideration anymore. Consequently, the Argentine base must stay until the end of the season in the Colorado franchise, until he expires his bond and can join another team as a free agent.

Beyond the versions that at the last moment before the deadline of the negotiations put him in a possible exchange with the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana, Campazzo was not changed. The Argentine was in training before the market closed, but left the gym when the doors opened for the press. Thus closed a very hectic week of versions and rumors, which finally were just that.

The alternatives now for the Argentine are not too many. In principle, he is out of the rotation for Malone, so his presence on the team will be symbolic, with few minutes at the end of games that are already defined. The coach has already picked Monte Morris, Will Barton, Bryn Forbes, Bones Hyland and Austin Rivers to fill the perimeter spots, and even in Rivers’ absence he picked Davon Reed over Campazzo. With a coach so conservative and attached to statistics, changing that consideration will be very difficult, except for injuries to his teammates.

One possibility is that Denver decides to terminate his contract and another team can sign him before March 1, but it is highly unlikely. If Denver didn’t trade him now, when he could get something in return, it’s unlikely they’ll do so by having to pay him the remainder of his contract to sign him to another franchise as a free agent.

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The other chance would be to return to Europe, more precisely to Real Madrid, the team he left in 2020 to seek his NBA experience and which has priority for his eventual return. The Madrid club never found a reliable replacement for him, so they would be willing to sign him according to the information that emerged in Spain. But in that case, there are two steps to take into account: first he should negotiate his early departure from Denver, which would not be a big stumbling block given the good relationship he has with the franchise beyond the sporting situation, and then seal his bond with Madrid before February 24, deadline for registrations in the Euroleague. In any case, Campazzo will have to balance his desire to play with leaving the NBA, with everything he fought to get there and with the certain possibility of never returning.

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