Home Sports Facu Campazzo closes his agreement with the Dallas Mavericks

Facu Campazzo closes his agreement with the Dallas Mavericks

Facu Campazzo closes his agreement with the Dallas Mavericks

The wait is over. Facu Campazzo will continue in the NBA for at least one more year due to the new contract he has just signed. He made her idea come true since the beginning of the summer and that almost led her to change course: hold out until the market opened in the United States, there was an offer and to be able to hold on to it if it was valuable enough. In Europe, the case has been followed closely in the last month, with Real Madrid even putting a proposal on the table for the Cordovan to return to where he was great. The proposal materialized this Wednesday: Campazzo will play for the Mavericks.

With the cut of four players who have been part of the preseason, and it is not Tyler Dorsey (who has sounded like Barça’s reinforcement if he does not continue there) one of them, there was a free squad slot. There were 14 and those available are 15 if we don’t count the dual agreements to also play in the G-League, one of those that precisely holds Dorsey on the rope for the Texans. Campazzo will be the last member.

Despite the fact that the primary idea after the departure of Jalen Brunson on his way to Madison to dress for the Knicks was to manage the foreign rotation with what was already there, giving presence as a starter to Spencer Dinwiddiemaking more important Green although Hardaway returns to the fields and, above all, having Frank Ntilikina As second manager to Doncic, the reigning Western Conference runners-up have gravitated toward Campazzo.

He coincided with Luka in Madrid during what can be considered the Whites’ last great season, 2017/18: League-Euroleague double, this being the last European trophy to date, and the last moments of a historic youth squad like the Slovenian wearing that shirt. After Doncic’s goodbye, the Argentine became one of the main protagonists and was able to stand out individually, which led him to the beginning of the American dream.

The road to Campazzo’s decision

Although some teams have been lukewarmly interested in Facu, there was a team that had the upper hand in its bid if it did not receive a new call from the NBA. Real Madrid put on his side of the table the paper with which he wanted to get him back. The merengue club had the upper hand because the player still owes money from the payment of his 2020 exit clause, therefore being the first in line for Europeans for killing two birds with one stone in addition to affective considerations . Campazzo has endured until the end of the road and has won, or what he considers a victory for not failing his mind during all this time: he did not accept and he has taken the offer from Dallas. Why? There are several reasons.

The new agreement signed by Facu will be around 1.8 million dollars, an amount measured in gross from which taxes must be deducted. In the comparison with what Madrid proposed (as he told ACE, resume the contract since it was interrupted: 3 years for 3 million euros gross in each one, with easy taxation in the first year by not counting as a resident). It is not enough because you have to have other advantages that Campazzo and his agency, Octagon, have also considered to make the final decision.

Exposure and prolongation. Obviously the sports part is damaged by the second of the two years in the Nuggets. Malone was losing confidence in him and even from Denver Facu’s size has been alluded to as a reason for not prolonging the agreement. It’s time for him to recover the prestige he has won at the international level, both in Madrid and in the Albiceleste team, and alongside Doncic he can do it. The connection and knowledge of each other they have and Campazzo can push to be used in the managerial role, not a 3-shooter like he was in the Colorado franchise. The fact that Kidd, one of the most complete point guards in history, has given his approval is synonymous with the fact that he intends to work side by side to make Campazzo a valid player for his rotation.

pension and insurance. Completing a third season as an NBA player, as will be the case with Facu, gives the right to benefits beyond sports. As stipulated in the collective agreement that currently governs the League, Campazzo will be entitled to a lifetime pension for this fact. Now, at 31 years old, he secures money that he can start using once he retires and the limit is 62 years old. The amount varies and depends on the number of games and years that have been played, with a range that goes from 60,000 dollars to 200,000 dollars. It can be administered in more or less time, as the beneficiary considers. This is accompanied by another important advantage and more in the United States: health insurance.

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