Fact check: Decision to pay lakhs of rupees for second marriage

The truth of the news of giving 30 thousand dinars to a second marriage in Libya has come to light.

This news went viral on social media which created a stir in various sections in which it was said that Government in Libya Thirty thousand dinars per person will be provided to the person who marries a second time.

However, this news has been rejected by the government as misleading.

It was reported in the viral news that ‘Libyan President Abdul Hamid al-Dubina has decided to give 30 thousand dinars to every person who decides to marry again.’

Later, the government has denied it saying that no such decision has been taken, it is baseless and fabricated.

It should be noted that the law of the number of spouses is applicable in Libya.

In September 2021, the government had decided to give an allowance of 40,000 dinars to young people who wanted to get married, but the condition was that the girl should belong to the same country.

During the reign of former President Muammar Gaddafi, it was necessary to obtain a written permission from the first wife for a second marriage, but this is no longer required.

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