Facebook wants to analyze encrypted WhatsApp messages for an obvious reason

Facebook hired a group of researchers and engineers to analyze the encryption of WhatsApp. The ultimate goal will be to get encrypted message data without having to decrypt it, compromising privacy.

According to a report, Facebook took this initiative to monetize WhatsApp through advertisements and targeted advertising. If confirmed, this is the most recent controversial action taken by Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Analysis of encrypted WhatsApp messages for advertising purposes

One of the most appreciated features of WhatsApp, in addition to being free, is end-to-end encryption. This means that only people with permission will be able to read the content of the messages, usually the sender and the recipient (s).

Facebook wants to bypass WhatsApp encryption

Keep in mind that WhatsApp does not have the access code to the messages sent through its platform either. So this means that no one has access to the content shared on this instant communication platform and messaging app.

Extract the necessary data without violating privacy on WhatsApp

It is easily understood that without access to message history and other types of data that can be monetized, it is difficult, if not impossible, to deliver targeted advertising to the user. Well, that is precisely what Facebook wants to move.

Can WhatsApp become Facebook’s new source of income?

According to the publication report Information Facebook wants to get around this hurdle. To do this, you will have hired a team of experts to extract the data necessary to personalize your ads – targeted advertising.

The main difficulty? Able to do so without violating the privacy of WhatsApp users. That is, to be able to obtain some information without deciphering the messages of the users and then show them specific ads.

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More specifically, the source points out that Facebook wants to create a method to analyze WhatsApp chats without compromising their encryption. This process will have been doubled “homomorphic encryption“, or homomorphic cryptography.

Theoretically it will be possible to collect specific information from users without violating user privacy. At the moment we do not know how it will be possible, but according to the Information, the goal of the new team is precisely that.

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