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Facebook Messenger Now Allows End-to-End Encryption Of Audio And Video Calls

Facebook Messenger now allows its users to encrypt all their audio and video calls end-to-end. The social network has just announced the deployment of this feature around the world. To have this end-to-end encryption, ensuring respect for your privacy and your data, you must activate an option in the app.

Facebook Messenger call encryption

In a blog post published this Friday, August 13, 2021, Facebook announces the arrival end-to-end encrypted calls in Messenger. “We are rolling out the option to make end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls in Messenger”, says the social network.

As a reminder, the messaging app has enabled end-to-end encryption of all chats on Messenger since 2016. Facebook extends this functionality to audio and video calls after realizing it an explosion of communications. “Last year we saw an increase in the use of audio and video calling, with over 150 million video calls per day on Messenger”, details the company.

Facebook Messenger is on WhatsApp and allows end-to-end encryption

Facebook Messenger turns off cars with WhatsApp. The instant messaging app, acquired by Facebook in 2014, has encrypted end-to-end calls made by its users since 2016. The most popular messaging apps, including Telegram, Signal or Zoom, also offer end-to-end encryption.

As the California group notes, end-to-end encryption “It becomes the industry standard and works like a lock and key, where only you and the people on the chat or call have access to the conversation”. Concretely, “It means that nobody, not even Facebook, can see or hear what is sent or said.”

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To benefit from encryption, you must activate the option within the interface. It is imperative that your caller also activates this feature to encrypt your calls. First, Facebook will test encryption with “Friends and family members who already have an existing topic or who are already logged in”. Then the option will be offered to all users.

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