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Facebook is developing an AI capable of recording everything you do

Facebook is currently working on a brand new AI that will be integrated into their future pair of connected glasses. It will be able to record everything the user sees, hears and says. She will be able to remember everything.

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Imagine a world in which a device is able to record everything you do during your day. A device capable of seeing, hearing, and remembering all of your conversations, actions, what you’ve seen, etc. Now add Facebook back into the equation. Worrying not, especially after the recent revelations of a whistleblower concerning the social network and the dangers it represents for the mental health of the youngest.

Only and as we learn from our colleagues from the BGR site, Facebook is currently developing an artificial intelligence capable of recording anything you hear, see or say. The Californian company plans to integrate it into its future pair of augmented reality glasses. The social network officially presented its project this Thursday, October 14, 2021. Responding to the name from Ego4D, this is a long-term project ”which aims to solve research problems related to egocentric perception, that is, the ability of AI to understand and interact with the world as we do, from a first-person perspective ” , explains Facebook.

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Facebook wants an AI capable of understanding the world in 1st person

According to the social network, an AI capable of understanding the world from this point of view will be able to open up new immersive experiences. For this project, Facebook brought together a consortium of 13 universities and laboratories from 9 different countries, has collected over 2,200 hours of first-person video that features over 700 participants in their daily lives. We can also see this AI in action in a video clip broadcast by Facebook. The company also specifies that it has developed “Five benchmark challenges” to make this AI smarter. In particular, she must learn to:

  • Develop episodic memory: What happened when I did such and such a thing?
  • Develop event prediction: What am I likely to do next?
  • Develop awareness of hands and objects: What am I doing and what can I do?
  • Audio-Visual Journaling: Who Said What and When?
  • Social interaction: Who interacts with whom?

If this technology looks promising, Facebook’s algorithm is bound to have access to everything you do while wearing Facebook’s AR glasses. She will have to consult all the video and audio streams available to improve. In fact, the question of respect for private life and confidentiality already arises. Another sensitive point, which says that this algorithm will not also benefit from the data collected for improve targeted Facebook ads ? As a Facebook spokesperson explained, life protection measures will be developed later. An uneasy statement.

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