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Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp outage: social networks are knocked out all over the world

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are victims of a major outage. These issues affect all services of the Facebook group, both on the desktop and mobile versions. For now, there is no explanation and complaints are starting to multiply on Twitter and on the DownDetector site.

facebook breakdown
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As Facebook is caught in an unprecedented media tornado following whistleblower revelations, we have just learned that the social network, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram are victims of a global blackout. Reports are starting to pour in on Twitter where the hashtags #InstagramDown, #Facebook Down and #WhatsApp have been shared tens of thousands of times.

On DownDetector, a specialized site whose main activity is to take into account the problems reported on many services, the number of reported failures skyrocketed around 5 p.m. from 0 to over 19,000 ! According to the hundreds of testimonials that flourish on the web, these problems visibly affect the Office and mobile versions of the various services of the Facebook group.

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are totally out of service

Facebook outage currently, unable to login, post or load homepage. Same concern on Instagram ”, tells a user on DownDetector. According to insider Jan Manchun Wong, Facebook specialist leaker accustomed to revealing the cogs of the American giant, it is a DNS problem that would even affect the internal sites of the Facebook group.

As said above, the blackout in question affects many regions of the world. “Breakdown also in New Caledonia as well as in Australia ”, assures another user. For the moment, Facebook has not given an official statement on the subject., unlike Instagram. The technical teams of the social network assured on Twitter that they were working to resolve the problem. What about you, are you having trouble connecting to Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram? Tell us in the comments.

We will update this article as soon as we have more information to provide you on the origins of this failure and on the status of the services of the various applications concerned. As a reminder, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram have already experienced an outage across Europe in 2020.

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