Facebook encourages creators to earn more money from subscriptions

Facebook expanded in 2020 subscriptions for fans to more creators. In this way, your audience can support you in a more regular and constant way, since they can buy a periodic monthly subscription to your content. In return, when subscribers interact with your page, it stands out to them. Thus, your biggest followers receive the recognition they deserve. You can also choose to give them more advantages, such as direct or a group just for them, or special discounts.

Bonus program

To help creators grow their subscription business, Facebook will give a $ 5 to $ 20 bonus for every new subscriber they get through the end of 2021. This new bonus program is part of Facebook’s commitment to invest more than USD 1 billion in creators during 2022.

Creators can earn a bonus of up to $ 10,000 throughout the program. The program is only available by invitation in the 27 markets where creators can access the Subscriptions feature. They hope to expand it in the coming months to help more creators build profitable subscription businesses on Facebook.

Commitment to creators

As part of their commitment to support creators, at the beginning of the year from Facebook they shared that they would not charge commissions on Subscription purchases until at least 2023. However, creators continue to have to give up between 15 and 30% of their Profits to companies like Apple when Subscriptions are purchased from the Facebook mobile app. This is quickly noticeable for recurring payments such as subscriptions, since the commission is paid monthly.

However, last week Apple revised its rules on reporting information about payment methods. From now on, creators will be able to use this functionality and direct their audience to a mobile website where they can complete the purchase of Subscriptions with Facebook Pay on iOS and Android devices. This means that when subscriptions are purchased from this website, creators will be able to keep all the money they earn (less applicable taxes). On the other hand, creators can look for the best site to buy Facebook followers & likes to grow their page quickly. Each creator has a custom link, available in your Creator Studio, that you can include in your posts on Facebook or other platforms to direct your potential subscribers to your mobile payments page. Later this month, they plan to offer a similar tool for Stars.

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They also want creators to more easily understand the payments they receive for Subscriptions and the commissions they pay. To do this, they plan to release an estimated revenue breakdown that will show creators where their purchases come from, estimated taxes and what they pay to mobile platforms in commissions. This metric is already available for paid online events.

Make the relationship with your fans yours

In addition to helping creators keep more of their profits and understand where they come from, they also want to give them more control over their business. With this objective, they will launch an option so that they can download the email addresses of their new subscribers from December and thus have the possibility of maintaining a relationship with them outside of Facebook. People already subscribed to a creator can choose to share their email address from ZZZ.

Subscriber recognition

Subscribers currently earn a badge when they subscribe to a creator to stand out in a live video or by leaving a comment. From the social network they have launched two functions with this objective:

  • On the anniversary of your Subscriptions, subscribers’ comments will be highlighted with special colors and animations, so that they stand out from the rest.
  • In live broadcasts, subscriber badges will differ based on how long that person has been subscribed. All of this will make it easier for creators to give their biggest fans the attention they deserve, even live with thousands of people.

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