Home World Facebook decides to change its name to get away from criticism

Facebook decides to change its name to get away from criticism

Facebook decides to change its name to get away from criticism

Facebook, the American social network, plans to change its name to avoid receiving numerous criticisms, which damage your image. The new company name will announce it Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, the next October 28. Although, as reported The Verge, it could be announced before the mentioned date.

Objectives pursued From Facebook

The leisure company, from its birth until now, has always pursued the same objectives: to continue growing exponentially, and to be known as something more like a social network. This is why, he has in mind increase its workforce and offer 10,000 jobs in Europe in the next five years.

Another goal is Promote current AR and VR Director Andre Bosworth to Chief Technology Officer. Today Facebook has numerous employees assigned to work with hardware, so it sees cash promoting it.

Looking to the future

In the not too distant future, the company will enter the world of the digital metaverse. This will be similar to a virtual reality, where users will be able to do all their daily tasks, interact with other users and much more in a totally digital world.

Nevertheless, the novelty is that it will not be like video games, that is, it will be similar, but within this world you can recreate numerous activities, such as going to a concert, shopping, going to the movies … etc.

This digital world will have several platforms so that users have complete freedom of movement.

This new initiative will be launched around the next five yearsAs stated by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, in an interview with The Verge. Therefore, the company it will go from being a social network to being a metaverse company.

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