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Facebook and Messenger broadcast channels arrive in Spain

Facebook and Messenger broadcast channels arrive in Spain

Meta announces the launch of distribution channels on its social networks Facebook and Messenger in Spain. It is a public and one-way tool to reach everyone who follows a page on Facebook. It’s a space where users feel even more connected on the platform. In this way it complements a series of resources available to the administrators of these pages, e.g. B. Content creators and public figures are available to reach and interact with their community.

This is how page admins can do it Use broadcast channel features like polls to get instant feedback from your community, send photos or videos, and use voice memosso that they can express themselves completely freely.

This feature is expected to reach all pages and people who use the social network in the coming weeks. Anyone who uses Facebook can join these broadcast channels and stay up to date with what’s happening on their favorite sites. In markets where this feature is not available, Pages can be added to the waitlist to be notified when they become available in your country.

How do channels work? diffusion?

If you manage a Facebook Page in a market where streaming channels are currently available, you can start a channel directly from the Page. Otherwise, the interested user can join the waiting list and will be notified when the feature is available.

Regarding how this new feature works: It has the same usage mechanism as in WhatsApp or Instagram. Thus, a user can create a channel and invite as many followers as they want.

Once the broadcast channel is created and the first message is sent, followers of that page will receive a one-time notification to join the channel. Only the channel creator can send messages, but members of the broadcast channel can respond to messages and participate in polls.

Anyone who joins this channel can receive notifications when content such as voice notes, polls, posts, videos or photos are published, but only the channel creator can publish this information.

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