Facebook and Instagram breakdown: the funniest tweets

You probably did not miss it: on October 4, a gigantic blackout affected the social networks Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

From 5:45 p.m. to around midnight, it is impossible to reload Facebook or Instagram news feeds, or to send and receive messages via WhatsApp and Messenger. A six-hour outage which – if not seeming interminable – greatly inspired Internet users on Twitter.

Fortunately to take care, Internet users were able to count on Twitter: the social network, which is not managed by Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the only ones to have escaped the blackout.

Faced with the disruption of the Internet, some took the opportunity to initiate the return of more … vintage networks.

If Facebook technicians quickly looked into the issue, alerted by thousands of reports worldwide, their skills were somewhat called into question.

The outage continued until after midnight. What to solicit even more the creativity of Internet users.

Social networks resumed service shortly after midnight. The blackout, however, had serious consequences for Facebook: its price fell by nearly 6% on the Wall Street stock exchange. The opportunity to make the parallel Squid Game, the series which currently panics Netflix.

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