Home Sports Face to face with Simeone: the condition for staying at Atlético

Face to face with Simeone: the condition for staying at Atlético

Face to face with Simeone: the condition for staying at Atlético

The Argentine coach is experiencing a real dilemma towards one of his players, specifically in the offensive field. Some believe he will remain in the mattress shortlist, but it all depends on another player.

In the two games played by Atlético de Madrid, there have been several outstanding players that Simeone expected and others surprised. The question is that the Argentine coach has to choose who stays and who goes. But right now there is a striker who is doing things very well but the place of him on the pitch Madrid team it is not fully insured.

Valencia CF can attest that the full-back has been one of their best, despite the season having been rather weak collectively. Now that Samuel Lino has returned to his original team, he has shown that what he learned at Mestalla could be of great use to Simeone. But as we said before, it depends on another player.

The judge in Lino’s situation is an important player for Simeone at Atlético

Technically, the permanence of the Brazilian attacker depends on another of the starting wingers of the Mattress club. Specifically we talk about Yannick Carrascowhich at this moment is in limbo in relation to its continuity or not in the rojiblanco team. Both play in the same position and their characteristics are very similar.

Precisely for this reason Simeone has to choose one of the two, since they cannot play at the same time. The other thing is that both are asking to be in the starting lineup, so there would be no place in the same squad. So if the Belgian ends up leaving the Cívitas Metropolitano, Samuel Lino will take his place. The gaucho coach agrees with this move, as the level of the player convinces him.

Carrasco’s possible destinations should he leave Atlético

The Barcelona option has already been discounted, the sports management led by Andrea Berta has some destinations for the former Monaco winger. Right now, Saudi Arabia is the country offering the most for the 29-year-old striker.and a mega offer could change both the footballer’s mind and the Madrid team.

In case Atlético decide to sell Yannick Carrasco, they count on getting almost 20 million euros. His relief signature is not necessary, since Samuel Lino aims to be the new owner in that demarcation. But if the Belgian stays in Madrid, the Brazilian will leave the mattress team with a new job.

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