The words of Michel Fabrizio, SBK pilot, who announced that he was retiring from racing after the death of Berta Viñales, at the same time pointed out to Márquez as being a bad example for the youngest, pointing out as the culprit of the accidents, they caused a great revoltor. Jorge Martínez Aspar described the Italian’s speech as shameful, while the FIM and Dorna propose a series of measures to increase security.

The pilot’s sentence ran like wildfire and he himself had to qualify his own words in GPone: “I did not want to attack Márquez. All I’m saying is that Marc is the idol of children and they want to imitate him on the track without any preparation. You need a license for points and above all rules that are respected and measures are taken when they are broken. We cannot have a grid of 40 drivers and they are not penalized for making mistakes”, Said the Puccetti driver at SBK until a few days ago.


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