F1 stays in Jeddah until 2027

F1 stays in Jeddah until 2027

The layout of Jeddah Corniche It hosted its first Formula 1 Grand Prix last 2021, with a duel for history between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, and, although it is called to be just a ‘passing through’ circuit, its temporality will be greater than expected. This is confirmed by the organizers: the city of Jeddah will continue to be the headquarters for the ‘Great Circus’ beyond this 2023. In fact, they assume that, at least, he will host the appointment for another four more years, until 2017, while the works of the entertainment megaproject in which the country is immersed continue: a new city already known under the name Al-Qiddiya, located on the outskirts of its capital, Riyadh.

The intention is that Formula 1 will move to these new facilities in the future, although the term will be longer than originally planned due to long delays in the work. So much so that they are even talking about certain facilities on the urban circuit of Jeddah Corniche from temporary to permanent. “It is important that the Jeddah track is future-proof and for this reason we have again worked with the FIA ​​and Formula 1 to ensure we have a circuit that will allow us to host the sport in Jeddah while construction begins on the Qiddiyah layout”, explained the General Director of the Saudi Motorsport Company, Martin Whitaker, in the statement issued by the promoter of the race. Formula 1 will travel to Saudi Arabia next March, to contest the second race of the course (third in Jeddah) from 25 to 27.

But the ads don’t stop here. The promoter indicates in the same statement that the date of the race will change to 2024 to not coincide with the holy month of Ramadan (from March 10 to April 9 in 2024). It was rumored that it could be the inaugural event of the next year, however, the festivity would make it “impossible to celebrate a Grand Prix on those dates, pBut any decision on the calendar is in the hands of Formula 1 and the FIA. “We are waiting for the promoter and the governing body to clarify the date for us”, clarifies the director. And we will have to wait because, he assures, the decision “It won’t be announced until much later in the year.”

While certain matters are being clarified, the urban layout is still immersed in its plan to improve security in the facilities. Already in 2022, major works were carried out to improve the experience of pilots through the streets of the city, but facing the race this March, the changes follow: minor revisions to the circuit include a narrowing of turns 21, 22 and 23. In addition, the height of the curbs will be lowered and the barriers will be moved back to improve the visibility of the drivers.


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