F1 Future Uncertain: Zhou Zhou Criticizes Sainz, Expressing Concern Over Future in Formula One

Carlos Sainz’s Future Decides the Fate of Many F1 Drivers

Tall keeping an eye on him. The future of many drivers does not depend on themselves, but on what Carlos Sainz decides. The Madrid native is the ‘stopper’ of the transfer market, since, being the best free agent, it is the number one option of most teams with free seats.

The transfer market is currently being held hostage by Sainz, who is weighing his options for the 2026 season. Kevin Magnussen, Esteban Ocon, and Guanyu Zhou are just a few drivers who have expressed their frustration at Sainz’s slow decision-making process.

For the pilots, not having a guaranteed seat for the following season is extra pressure, which makes them make inappropriate mistakes by wanting to show too much. In fact, Zhou has criticized Sainz for taking so long to decide on one option.

"It’s hard to understand. How tough can the decision be now? It’s not like I can choose between the teams that are fighting for the title, there are only mid-table teams left. I don’t know what he’s thinking," Zhou said in an interview with Formule 1.

A Luxury That Carlos Can Afford

On the one hand, it is understandable that Sainz is taking his time, as being left without a seat in the Grand Circus could mean saying goodbye to the category forever. But on the other hand, Sainz has the upper hand, as he has earned it with his performance in recent years. And this is a luxury that only some can afford.

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Guanyu Zhou, Kick Sauber driver, believes that teams will not have much patience and will eventually set a deadline. "He’s holding back the rest of the drivers, but I don’t think the teams have that much patience. There will be a time when they put a deadline. It’s strange to experience something like that, especially because it’s the first time for me. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do, we have to wait," Zhou concluded, warning Sainz that what he is doing is risky.

Sainz Has Already Said He’s in No Hurry

Carlos has already said that he is in no hurry, that he has the offers, and this warning from Zhou, which may be a strategy to put pressure on him, will not affect his decision. As we know from him, he wants to take it calmly and evaluating the best option for 2026, but also in 2025.

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