Extremely rare snowfalls in Egypt amuse Internet users

The images shared by amused Internet users have multiplied on social networks after snow fell in several regions of Egypt on Monday. The phenomenon is extremely rare in this country, which had not been entitled to a tenacious layer of powder on the ground for a good number of years, explains the Huffington Post. The situation is all the more surprising since the snow was still visible the next day in several places.

Snow, cold, hail and thunderstorms

Alexandria (Egypt), located on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, the approaches to the Suez Canal and the surroundings of Mount Sinai were particularly affected. This is also the case, more generally, in the north-west and south-east of the country. The snowpack, sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms or hail, surprised and amazed the population. It also led to the implementation of measures taken by the local authorities.

Major General Mohamed Al Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, for example, has increased the level of vigilance of his city’s emergency services. In schools, some class hours have been canceled. These decisions are due to both snowfall and the cold snap that hit the country.

Many preferred to laugh at the incongruity of the weather situation, for example comparing Egypt to Europe or the United States on Facebook.
Gulf Today has for its part published a video taken in Alexandria and in which a resemblance to Moscow (Russia) is evoked.

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