Extreme encryption of private messages coming to Twitter this month

Among all the changes that Twitter wants to make to make it a more attractive platform, Elon Musk has mentioned on several occasions his desire to make it direct messaging is better and more secure.

As much as he wants direct messaging is a “superset of Signal”, the encrypted messaging app.

Over the weekend, Musk said that the end-to-end encrypted direct message feature will launch this month. Additionally, users will be able to reply to individual messages and use any reaction emoji.


“The goal is to launch the ability to reply to individual text messages, use any reaction emoji, and encryption later this month.”Musk wrote. Currently, users can only choose from seven emojis as a reaction.

End-to-end encryption protection means that no one, not even Twitter, will be able to read your chats (except the recipients of your messages). Other messaging apps and protocols like WhatsApp, Signal and iMessage already use this type of encryption.

Currently, Twitter employees can read the content of direct messages on the platform. It is currently unclear whether encryption will be available for individual and group chats. It’s also unclear whether end-to-end encryption will be enabled by default or as an optional feature.

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