Home Sports Extreme emergency in Real Zaragoza forces French to sell

Extreme emergency in Real Zaragoza forces French to sell

The victory against Burgos CF gives air to a team that is accumulating more and more problems

The Real Zaragoza is not going through its financial best moment and the consequences could be the selling promising players like French. And it is that the club could be forced to place in the market one of the players most followed by the big clubs.

This would be caused by the net debt that Real Zaragoza currently has, which is from 68 million euros. In fact, the Council has classified the club’s situation as extremely serious. That is why the main assets of the club are on the market.

Zaragoza French
French could be transferred for the debt of Real Zaragoza

French, the next big sale of Real Zaragoza

The footballer is one of the great assets of a Real Zaragoza that added its first victory in the Santander League last Thursday. A victory that gives air to JIM, who could have been dismissed if he did not get the three points in El Plantío de Burgos.

In recent days, we have learned that teams like Sevilla FC follow the footballer very closely. It is not for less, because at 19 he has proven to be one of the best centrals in the SmartBank League. And Sevilla FC believe that they are capable of taking a leap in their career.

A millionaire sale for Real Zaragoza

While the club is seeking an investment of 50 million euros to refinance the debt, income of more than five million would be a great relief for Real Zaragoza. And that is the starting price to sell Alejandro Francés in the winter market.

For its part, Sevilla FC would be willing to offer up to seven million euros for his transfer, since they know that they will obtain sufficient liquidity with the sale of Koundé. Of course, his loss would leave Real Zaragoza very weakened, which continues to fight to get out of the lower zone of the classification.

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