Extraordinary demonstration by Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría

In the Master of Valladolid they did not reach the final, but Two weeks later, he shows in Valencia that this was circumstantial: ninth title of the season, and they equal the mark of the Sánchez Alayeto Twins (2017) in a campaign, and they are three short of the absolute record of Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay (12) the previous season. at the level they are Paula Josemaría and Ari Sánchez can break all records because we are halfway through the championship. And in Valencia it is not that Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega did not resist, it is that the number ones made an extraordinary demonstration to win 6-3 and 6-1 in an hour of play.

In this final, and with that game of attack and defense, mastery of the ball, magnificent coordination, Paula and Ari could not lose. Gemma and Marta entered the game firmly, they managed to tie the initial 3-1 of their rivals, but they could not maintain their type against the torrent of play from their rivals. Example: Marta threw two superior snakes to Paula’s corner, and she, who seemed overwhelmed, returned the ball in a spin to take two winning shots, from the diagonal and from the center. Ari, for his part, when he said now I’m in charge, annihilated Gemma Triay on her diagonal, because Reus’s, either with strong shots, or curls to the fence (that shot from Stupaczuk stands out, and it gives the impression that she does it better), or with reverses crossed, or left impossible, made the difference.

Paula, for her part, is a tremendous left-footed player, impossible to get ahead of her shotsto decipher them to arrive on time. The woman from Extremadura is a lethal, fast puncher, with a parallel wall drop that paralyzes her rival no matter how well planted she is in the net. Therefore, if the two join the time of their best playing condition, it happens like today: unbeatable no matter how many players face them are two players of the quality of Marta and Gemma, in their second consecutive final.

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