Extend Windows 10 Support to 2030: 0Patch Solution for Private Users

Windows 10 Support Ends in 2025: What to Do When Microsoft Stops Providing Updates

Microsoft has announced that it will stop supporting Windows 10 on October 14, 2025, which means that users who continue to use the operating system will no longer receive free security updates. This exposes users to potential security risks, but there are options available to keep the system secure.

Extended Security Updates (ESU) Program

Microsoft offers users the opportunity to continue receiving important updates with the ESU program, but it requires a fee and is only available for an additional three years. For private users, this option is now available for the first time.

0Patch Extends Lifetime of Windows 10

0patch, a company that has already delivered numerous patches for Windows and Microsoft Office, has announced that it will extend the lifespan of Windows 10 to 2030. This is achieved through a combination of 0day patches, wontfix patches, and patches for non-Microsoft products that still pose a risk.

0PatchPro and 0Patch Enterprise

0patch offers two packages: 0PatchPro for smaller companies and private users and 0Patch Enterprise for larger companies. The cost for 0PatchPro is €24.95 per year and per PC, while 0Patch Enterprise costs €34.95 per year and per system.

ESU or 0Patch? Both Options Can Be Used

The patches provided by 0patch are small and do not interfere with the original files from Microsoft. Therefore, the work of 0patch is not in direct competition with the Extended Security Updates. Instead, it is an additional aid to keep Windows 10 secure and usable.

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Private Users Can Use ESU

Microsoft has not announced official prices for the ESU program for private users, but the cost for companies will be $61 per PC in the first year, rising to $122 and $244 in the second and third years, respectively. Windows 10 version 22H2 is the basic requirement for ESU.

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