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Expressing his sadness at the death of Pankaj Tripathi’s father, Akshay Kumar said: “The lack of parents is complete…”

Expressing his sadness at the death of Pankaj Tripathi's father, Akshay Kumar said:

: Actor Pankaj Tripathi’s father passed away. His father, Banaras Tripathi, died at the age of 98, leaving the actor and his family in shock. Pankaj Tripathi left for Gopalganj when he heard the news of his father’s death.

Akshay Kumar has expressed his sadness at the death of Pankaj’s father. As he tweeted, he prayed for his father’s peace of mind. We tell you that Akshay and Pankaj recently collaborated in OMG 2. Both have played leading roles in the film.

After hearing the news of Pankaj Tripathi’s death, Akshay Kumar tweeted: “The news of the death of my friend and co-star Pankaj Tripathi’s father is very sad.” No one can replace the parents’ absence. May God make way for his father’s soul at his feet. om Shanti.’

Significantly, the news of the death of the actor’s father was announced in an official statement on behalf of Pankaj Tripathi and his family. The statement said: “It is with a heavy heart that we have to confirm that Pankaj Tripathi’s father, Pandit Banaras Tiwari, is no more.” He lived a healthy life for 99 years. His last rites will be performed today in the company of his closest family. Pankaj Tripathi is currently on his way to his village in Gopalganj.

Pankaj Tripathi was very close to his father. Pankaj revealed in his interview that his father didn’t want him to pursue an acting career. They wanted to make them doctors so that they could serve the people.

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