Exposing nepotism, Emraan Hashmi said, “Outsiders are not even allowed into the film office…”

There are controversies about nepotism in Bollywood from time to time. You often see stars expressing their opinions on this. Actor Emraan Hashmi also spoke openly about nepotism in this episode. He organized a course for those speaking out against nepotism and said people go into this debate thinking it’s a trend.

Speaking to Indian Express, Emraan Hashmi said that people have picked up the word nepotism without fully understanding its nuances. He said: “People saw it and soon it became a trend.” People got into it and expressed their opinion, even if it probably wasn’t their own opinion. He saw what was around and started jumping in.

Emraan Hashmi, who has a film background himself, said it is fortunate for him to be a part of the film industry and to have a film background. But they can’t apologize for it because they inherited it. He further admitted that it is indeed very difficult for outsiders to enter the film office.

Forget auditions, said Imran, “he doesn’t even get a meeting with the assistant director.” It’s difficult but not impossible. It should be noted that resisting is a good thing, but beyond a certain limit, resistance becomes a crutch, an excuse.

The Tiger 3 star goes on to say, “You feel like you don’t have anything because the other person gets it because of their film connections.” That’s far from the truth. There are people who have come forward and gotten involved in this. Nepotism will never go away. You will have people who want to promote people from their own tribe. They will look out for each other, it’s embedded in our DNA. But this is an industry in which we can coexist.

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