Home World Exports between January and October have been US $ 9,738 million

Exports between January and October have been US $ 9,738 million

Exports between January and October have been US $ 9,738 million

Dominican exports during the months of January and October totaled US $ 9,738,832,312, for a growth of 20.74% compared to the same period of 2020, and 16.64% compared to 2019.

The information was offered by the president of the Dominican Association of Exporters (Adoexpo), Elizabeth Mena, during a ceremony led by President Luis Abinader in which the 2021 Export Resilience recognitions were given to seven companies in that sector.

“This year the export sector achieved record figures, however, due to the crisis generated by the pandemic, logistics problems and other particular challenges in the production areas, which shows resilience,” Mena said during a speech given at the activity .

The business leader projected that at the end of this 2021, exports will close with a volume of around US $ 11,887 million, which represents a 20.5% growth compared to 2020, and 17.51% to 2019.

During the activity, the “Export Check Up” platform was presented, which according to Mena, more than serving for the verification of standards throughout Latin America, will allow exporters can see their level of compliance and take the necessary measures to access and stay in the most rigorous markets.

Mena indicated that it is not only enough to comply with quality standards and specific regulations of each country, but that end consumers are increasingly demanding in verifying the sustainability criteria in the production and distribution chain of the products they consume. “The diversification of markets and differentiation of our exportable goods and services is a priority on our agenda. With Export Check Up, Adoexpo is taking a step forward towards these ends ”, explained Mena.


In the SME category, the Monte Plata Pineapple Producers Association (Asopropimopla) received recognition.

In the Agroindustrial category, the Sugar Consortium of Industrial Companies (Caei) was recognized and in the Free Zones, Rowe laboratories.

In the industrial category, a recognition was offered to Plastifar; in Extractive to Cementos Cibao; in Services to Marítima Dominicana (Mardom) and in Modern Services to Intellisys.


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