Explosions leave 183 homes affected in Mexico

Some 183 homes were affected in a town in central Mexico by the explosions that occurred over the weekend as a result of a gas leak in a clandestine outlet, state authorities reported Tuesday.

In the populous neighborhood of San Pablo Xochimehuacán in the central city of Puebla, evaluations of the damage caused by the four explosions and fires that occurred on Sunday continued on Tuesday, which left one person dead and 18 injured.

During the presentation of the balance, the Secretary of Infrastructure of the state of Puebla, Juan Daniel Gámez, told the press that after studying 80% of the homes in the affected area, it was determined that there are 60 buildings that have serious structural damage that caused their total and partial collapse, 68 with moderate damage and 55 with minor damage.

Gámez said that state authorities began removing the rubble in the so-called “ground zero” after the military concluded on Monday the search for possible new victims. The official said that the collection of the rubble and the demolition work of the houses that were partially destroyed could take at least two weeks.

For his part, the Secretary of Health of Puebla, José Antonio Martínez, said that the number of injured rose to 18 after the admission to a state hospital of a man with serious burns who had initially been admitted to a center was reported. private.

Martínez indicated that 15 people are still being held in hospital centers, of which five remain intubated in a “very serious” condition and six in a delicate condition, some of them minors.

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At dawn on October 31, four explosions of different magnitudes were registered in the San Pablo Xochimehuacán neighborhood in a radius of 800 meters as a result of the accumulation of gases that would have come into contact with an electrical transformer, as determined by the state-owned Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex ).

The gas leak occurred in a clandestine fuel intake that was located at a depth of 3.5 meters, said the director of Pemex Logística, Javier González del Villar, who added that a deposit with an identification similar to the one was located at the site. of the local company Hidro Gas.

In Mexico, theft of hydrocarbons, especially oil, has proliferated and Puebla is one of the most affected states, since it is located between the capital and the oil zone of the Gulf of Mexico.

Criminals drill the pipelines despite the risks that this causes. In January 2019 in Tlahuelilpan, north of Mexico City, more than 130 people died, many because after detecting a fuel leak they went to fill cans of gasoline and were trapped in a fire.

Since he took office in 2018, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has waged a fight against the millionaire business of fuel theft and has deployed thousands of military personnel to guard the pipelines.


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