Explosion in Afghanistan: Mosque explodes in Afghanistan, at least 15 injured

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Taliban: bomb blast in Afghanistan mosque, at least 15 injured

Kabul: At least 15 people were injured when a bomb exploded during Friday prayers at a mosque in a city near the eastern Afghanistan city of Jalalabad, a provincial Taliban spokesman said. Qari Hanif, a spokesman for the Nangarhar province government, said the bomb was planted in a mosque in the city of Trili. At the same time, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the explosion at the mosque. According to the Reuters news agency, the mosque where the blast occurred had Sunni Muslims in it.

It is noteworthy that the Islamic State terrorist organization is active in Nangarhar province and there are daily attacks against Taliban fighters. According to the Reuters news agency, this explosion took place in a Spin Ghar mosque in Nangarhar province, in eastern Afghanistan. Around 15 people, including Maulana, were injured in this. According to eyewitnesses, the explosion took place around 1:30 pm. It was a previously planned attack, as the blast was carried out inside the mosque to target as many people as possible.

Let us tell you that since the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the attacks on mosques have intensified. Since the arrival of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the bombing cycle has continued continuously. Earlier, during Friday prayers in northern Afghanistan’s Kunduz province, there was a massive explosion at a mosque. At least 100 people died in this accident. This attack was carried out targeting Shiite Muslims. Earlier, on October 3, there was an explosion in front of the mosque in Afghanistan. Some people died in this.

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